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What Clients Are Saying

I liked Rachel's warm personal style and her obvious honesty, as well as her willingness to accommodate the seller's needs.

Rachel has been the perfect realtor for my needs.

Rachel leaves nothing out .... she covers all the parts and pieces.

I really liked dealing with ONLY Rachel. No confusion. No mixed messages. Straight and clear all the way through. 

Absolutely THE BEST!

Judy, Seller Client, April 2017

From beginning to end, the experience of selling this home was excellent.
Rachel was very friendly, helpful and professional.
The intrusion into my life during the sale was minimal, to say the least.
I was kept informed of all needs and developments in a timely manner, through email, phone and text messaging.

I would highly recommend Rachel Hillman Foy and Hillman Homes to anyone looking for an outstanding Realtor.

Mike, Seller Client, May 2017